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How To Find The Best Prices For A Hair Transplant?

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If you are taking into account a hair transplantoperation, you are most likely in search of a clinic that provides low prices without compromising the quality of care and the medical staff. The price of a hair transplant can differ depending on a wide range of elements. What indicates the price of hair transplants in Italy? Why are the hair transplant costs in Albania more fascinating? Find out some accurate and clear information on hair transplantation operations to fight hair loss of the male and female pattern and its cost.

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What Are The Types Of Hair Transplant Techniques?

So, are you tired of your hair thinning or your bald patches? Then it is the right time to determine what kinds of hair transplant procedures are accessible to you. It doesn’t matter whether your hair loss is a result of a medical condition like alopecia or over-plucking, hair transplants can be separated into two categories: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).

Such procedures differ by method. Both FUE and FUT are conducted by removing hair grafts from a donor area and transplanting them into the wanted site, namely the recipient site, for a long-lasting, natural solution.

The FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) might leave a well-visible scar seeing as it takes a strip of hair from the donor area on the back of the head. However, it is not advised for people who have short hair. FUT has much more side effects and a longer downtime. On the other hand, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is typically assumed to leave less visible scarring, yet, it is a much longer procedure with a higher risk of subideal outcomes.

In regards to the price point of view, FUT and FUE hair transplants are generally similar in price, even though FUE might be a little more expensive. Generally, hair transplants are priced per hair follicle basis. More follicles mean more transplanted hair and, consequently, a higher price. The average price of a hair follicle is quite hard to average, as is the number of hair follicles an individual will require, which is why the costs are mostly reported depending on the complete procedure rather than per individual hair follicle.

What Affects The Cost Of A Hair Transplant?

Let’s get more into details about the variables. A kind reminder, any type of information offered in this blog is only an estimate. Consultations with providers are always the ones creating the most precise and accurate evaluation of the price of a hair transplant.

With that being said, the below information can aid you in creating ideas of the questions you shall ask your surgeon and the elements to take into account when going into a discussion so you can feel capable and up-to-date during your cosmetic journey.

  • Procedure Type: FUE is slightly less cheap than FUT.
  • Clinic: A much more expert and board-certified plastic surgeon generally charges more for their experience. This can, undoubtedly, cause higher evaluation fees (that might or might not be applied as a credit toward the price of the transplant), and a much more expensive procedure.
  • Anesthesiologist: Though general anesthesia is generally not employed in a hair transplant procedure, you should keep in mind, as a “for your information” note, that general anesthesia normally necessitates more experience and is more costly than local anesthesia. Bear in mind that local anesthesia doesn’t require to be administered by an anesthesiologist.
  • Location: A study done in 2020 by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) splits procedure episodes down by location. The price represented 44 percent of every hair transplant conducted in 2020. The central US formed the residual 56 percent. Granted, the overall continuous allocation of hair transplants throughout the country, prices may not differ as considerably because of the region's, differently to other cosmetic procedures where the costs are much higher.
  • Recovery: The procedure type affects the hair transplant recovery. Recovery or healing time includes the recovery garments, check-up appointments, prescriptions, and any missed work.

The proper hair transplant method for an eligible candidate will depend entirely on their personal needs.

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What Does The Cost Of A Hair Transplant Include?

We have addressed the main basics and reviewed the various kinds of hair transplants. Still curious and worried about the cost of a hair transplant? We can help.

The price of the time that the surgeon spends conducting the hair transplant operation is normally what gets the name “surgeon’s fee” or the “average cost”. Though not a precise comparison, it is basically the hourly rate of the provider. The provider, of course, has their own business expenditures like the office rent, the office and medical supplies, the professional insurance, and the payroll. This adds to their personal wage.

Hair transplant prices climb up as extra elements are added. The rest of the medical staff in the room throughout the transplant (including the nurses, anesthesiologist, or surgical assistants), the supplies and equipment used throughout the hair transplant procedure (such as needles, gloves, and gauze), the medications prior, throughout and following the hair transplant (painkillers, antibiotics, sedatives), and the fee for employing the facility’s operating or procedure room.

Yet another thing to be reminded about is the individual expenditures you will gather up as you go about the hair transplant journey. Such might include evaluation fees with the clinic you are interviewing, pre-operative costs, missed work, and travel costs. And any recovery supply you pick to individually buy.

The Level Of Baldness And The Price

The majority of European hair transplant clinics provide costs based on the number of grafts necessary for the hair transplant procedure. For severe alopecia, there is a necessity for the conduction of more than 8,000 grafts in two hair transplants spaced at a minimum of 12 months apart to save the donor site. This kind of goal is overly costly in North America and Western Europe.

At Advanced Hair Clinic, we have fixed-price approaches with a variety of levels dependent on the methods and surgeons picked. The cost of the hair transplant in Albania with Advanced Hair Clinic involves:

  • Hair transplantation using the FUE method (2000 to 5000 grafts)
  • The help of an interpreter
  • Transportation (with a private driver)
  • PRP treatment
  • Accommodation in a 5 stars hotel (including breakfast)
  • Advice and post-operative follow-up
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How Do We Determine The Price At Advanced Hair Clinic?

The prices proposed are established beforehand. We advise patients on various methods and teams, all dependent on the severity and type of the patient’s alopecia. The patient can additionally require a recognized surgeon in our VIP packages.

There can also be proposed options outside of the fixed prices, such as specific medications to improve hair regrowth or additional anesthesia. The patient is however free to pick such options or not.

Is A High Price For A Hair Transplant Necessarily Synonymous With Quality?

This is not really the case in Western countries. Yes, the price is extremely exaggerated, and the proficiency of the different methods is often more than not, not ideal.

In Albania, if the team and the clinic are trustworthy, the cost will be higher than in other, less credible competitors. For that reason, the costs are still quite more captivating than those charged in other places in the world where the costs are too high, without any vouch for the quality of the hair transplantation.

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Why Choose Albania For Your Hair Transplant?

Tirana has turned into the world capital of hair transplant. Our team at Advanced Hair Clinic is known for their full know-how, starting with the treatment and ending with the post-intervention follow-ups.

You should, however, beware of the quantity of offers from other clinics. Similar to any other big sector, there are opportunistic people in this field too, those who provide low prices for hair transplants, but very poor quality of care. Carefully read patient reviews, and pay attention to the packages the clinics offer, where it is located, and the services it guarantees. Such factors are all of utmost importance in choosing a quality provider to get the best hair transplant.

The Takeaway

Hair transplantation can be quite a drastic cosmetic enhancement. The best hair transplant intervention for you will depend on a wide range of elements. No matter if you are in search of new hair because you are experiencing shock loss, female pattern baldness, male pattern baldness, or you simply want thicker hair, a hair transplantation operation can create the new hair growth you are looking for. The expenditures might be high, but the aesthetically long lasting hair from one of these hair loss solutions will make you feel that the financial investment is completely worth it.

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