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Eyebrow transplant in Albania

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Eyebrow transplant in Albania is a cosmetic procedure that aims to make the eyebrows seem fuller or to permanently replace hair loss in the eyebrows.

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What is an eyebrow transplant?

Eyebrow transplants are a permanent option for individuals who are experiencing balding or insufficient hair growth in the brow region. Unappealing eyebrow shape could be caused by over-tweezing, harm created by laser treatments or marks, or medical issues such as alopecia or hypothyroidism.

Eyebrow restoration can be achieved through the same surgical hair transplant techniques as follicular unit extraction (FUE) or follicular unit transplantation (FUT). When it comes to FUE, small patches of donor hair scalp are taken, whereas FUT involves taking one large strip from the donor scalp, which results in more follicles but also more visible scarring.

A key factor in a brow transplant is the constant care that must be taken. Hair follicles that have been taken from another area of the body will keep growing, similar to hair on the scalp. This means that the eyebrows need to be looked after frequently, usually with the help of a professional who understands the desired aesthetic, two to three times a month.

Before and After Results of Hair Transplant in Albania

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Eyebrow Hair Implants in Albania: The Procedure

Our professional surgeons in Albania have mastered the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant technique, and use it to give permanent and natural-looking outcomes when restoring eyebrows.

The microtools used in the procedure help achieve a flawless result without any scarring. Grafts for the transplant can be taken from the eyebrow area, behind the ear, or the upper thighs.

The amount of grafts and the duration of the process (which is usually between 5 and 6 hours) is determined prior to the start of the transplant.

Before the procedure begins, a local anesthetic will be used to make sure you feel no pain during the process. Additionally, sedatives can be provided if you are feeling anxious or apprehensive.

Your doctor utilizes a tiny needle to take out hair follicles from the donor area (typically an unobtrusive spot behind your ear). These follicles are then placed in slight incisions along your eyebrow line, going along with your current eyebrow hair. When the hairs start to sprout, they will be indistinguishable from your original eyebrows.

Eyebrow Transplant in Tirana, Albania Advantages

Eyebrow hair transplants are highly sought-after in Albania and come with a multitude of benefits. Such benefits include:
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Why have an eyebrow transplant?

Those who have experienced balding of the eyebrows, a lightened eyebrow tattoo, or who desire a denser eyebrow area might opt for an eyebrow transplant. Conditions that cause hair loss, such as trichotillomania or alopecia areata, or injuries like burns or scars that have affected the skin, may also benefit from this procedure.

An eyebrow transplant in Albania is a long-lasting way to enhance the appearance of one's eyebrows instead of having to depend on cosmetics to make them appear fuller. While this treatment is typically sought out by women and those who were identified as female at birth, men and those who were designated male at birth also choose to get this type of cosmetic surgery.

  • Our eyebrow restoration treatment will provide longer-lasting and more realistic results than any other.
  • Our advanced FUE methods have barely any scarring. In as little as 6 months, you'll be able to observe natural new growth.
  • You can go home the same day of the surgery, and our success rate is around 97–100%.

The cost of eyebrow transplant in Albania

The cost you will have to pay for the eyebrow transplant will be different depending on your specific requirements. Eyebrow implants in Albania are very economical. In the US and parts of Europe, these procedures typically cost between $7,000 and $25,000.

However, in Albania they cost 70% cheaper. Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic offers high quality eyebrow transplants at an affordable cost. The doctors are very knowledgeable and the price is much lower than other countries, making Albania the most attractive option.

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Why Choose Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic for an Eyebrow Transplant in Albania?

  • Cost-effective medical procedures.
  • High-caliber patient service and care.
  • Natural-looking eyebrow transplants for men and women.
  • Leading eyebrow transplant professionals worldwide.
  • Accommodation and transportation are organized by our team.
  • Clinic situated in the heart of Tirana.
  • Post-transplant eyebrow care is provided.


We are the leading hair restoration clinic in Albania that boasts a staff of highly trained and capable surgeons. Our team has plenty of expertise and can craft eyebrows that perfectly coordinate with your features.

Our top priority is to provide the highest quality of care to patients who have chosen to undergo a hair transplant at any of our facilities. We will be with you from the initial consultation all the way to the aftercare stage to ensure you are satisfied with the results. Our responsibility is to make sure you feel safe, content, and confident with your new appearance.

We provide the most sophisticated FUE methods to make certain you get long-term, natural outcomes from your eyebrow transplant. We address every patient individually, providing customized treatment plans to ensure that your outcomes will persist. There is no necessity to decide on a distinct program of treatment; just honest and direct communication will allow you to identify the best course of treatment for your needs. Consequently, if you want to fix overplucked brows or address another hair loss issue, our hair loss experts will be able to help.

If a hair transplant isn't an option, we will help you look for the most suitable alternative for managing your hair loss so that you can look and feel your best. We provide a variety of treatments that focus on addressing hair loss, including minoxidil and platelet-rich plasma therapy.

Your eyebrows can really make a difference when it comes to how confident you feel. Give your self-esteem a boost with two symmetrical, perfectly-shaped eyebrows from an eyebrow hair transplant. Schedule a free appointment to get more information.

Are you the right candidate for eyebrow transplant?

  • The most experienced eyebrow transplant specialist will always assess a patient's eligibility for the procedure, basing their decision on essential elements.
  • Unlike a typical FUE hair transplant, anyone who wishes to restore or make their eyebrow hairs denser will generally be considered a viable candidate for an eyebrow transplant.
  • Having an overall good state of health is a must for being eligible for an eyebrow transplant in Albania. People with any health issues that could lead to further problems are not suitable for this procedure.


Working with the best eyebrow transplant surgeon in Albania, the procedure of eyebrow hair transplantation is extremely intricate and requires both extreme accuracy and expertise.

The personnel at the Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic possess considerable knowledge and have received specialized instruction in eyebrow restoration in Albania. We are aware of the latest trends to guarantee that our clients are content with the look of their newly designed brows.

Recovering and Aftercare: Eyebrow Transplants in Albania

Adhering to the steps that have been laid out, the success of the eyebrow transplant in Albania will hinge upon the way the post-operative care is conducted.

  • Our medical clients are provided with a post-operative package containing all the relevant information on how to reduce scarring and get the best possible result.
  • The package contains all the necessary elements to look after the treated area, such as moisturizers, creams, antiseptic solutions, and painkillers to speed up the recovery process.
  • You should be able to return to your usual activities within two days of having your eyebrow transplant in Albania, while still taking it easy and not overexerting yourself.
  • Tirana has plenty of sights to see during your stay, so you should be able to explore the area without any lengthy recuperation time.
  • It is normal to experience a minor amount of tenderness and mild scabbing around the region of the eyebrow hair transplant, and this should dissipate within 7 days.
  • The transplanted hair will start to fall out between 3 and 5 weeks after the procedure.
  • It may take up to two months for new hair to start sprouting after an eyebrow transplant.
  • The full extent of the regrowth should be visible in 4 to 6 months.

Choosing the Best Eyebrow Transplant Surgeon

If you are looking for top-notch eyebrow transplantation in Albania, it is necessary to find a surgeon with exceptional expertise. To guarantee that the medical facility and doctor you are consulting are legitimate, it is essential to check patient testimonials and reviews. This will help you avoid an eyebrow restoration that is risky or does not meet your expectations.

At the Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic, we collaborate with the most accomplished eyebrow transplant doctors who have extensive expertise in order to guarantee the best outcomes for all our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (FAQs)

Eyebrow thinning or loss can be a result of a number of issues, such as medical conditions, heredity, hormones, and skin issues. This can affect one's self-esteem, but there is a lasting remedy. An eyebrow transplant in Albania can take hair from a donor area and re-implant it in the eyebrows, giving a natural, long-term outcome.

Eyebrow transplantation is a surgical process used to enhance the amount of hair in the brows. It is a permanent solution that can last an entire lifetime. During the procedure, a doctor will take hair follicles from the scalp and place them in the eyebrows.

A lot of people opt for this permanent solution for hair loss since the hair follicles come from parts of the body where hair is already growing. The hair will be able to grow naturally, and the results will endure. If the hair has to be taken from places where the hair grows longer than usual eyebrow hair, it may need to be trimmed regularly to keep it looking neat.

In Albania, brow transplants conducted by experienced specialists usually do not carry any significant risks. This is due to the fact that this procedure is very simple and from previous experience. The surgeons of our clinic have an experience of 15 years. 

During the eyebrow transplant, you will be given a general anesthetic so that you do not experience any pain. Post-surgery, you may have mild discomfort, but this can be easily dealt with through prescribed painkillers or over-the-counter medication.

It is essential for a fast healing process to adhere to the physician's directions during the recovery period. With the help of the medication given, any discomfort can be handled with ease. To ensure the treated area heals correctly, be gentle with it and avoid sleeping on your stomach.

People who have experienced thinning of their eyebrows due to excessive plucking, scars, injuries, or trichotillomania (a mental health disorder characterized by the compulsive removal of eyebrow hair) should consider eyebrow transplants as an option. Additionally, this treatment can also be beneficial for individuals suffering from other medical issues.

Eyebrow transplants necessitate obtaining active hair follicles from another area of the body, so someone who has experienced a considerable loss of scalp or body hair may be ineligible for the procedure.

It is advised that you take several days off of work (at least) to permit your transplant to recover. Following this, you have the choice to go back to your job when you feel healthy enough. Get more details about returning to work after an eyebrow transplant.

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