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Hair Transplant In Tirana, Albania | Patient Reviews 2023

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Photo illustrating a patient satisfied with his hair transplant results

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Many people suffer from hair loss so due to this hair transplant procedures have become very popular during the last few years. Like every country, Albania has also invested in acquiring new technologies and modern equipment to provide its patients with the best results. The cost of a hair transplant procedure in Albania will depend on several reasons starting from the size of the existing follicles, to the extent of the hair loss and other individual characteristics that will be determined by the surgeon during the initial consultation.

It is very important to find a surgeon who specializes in hair transplant procedures and can provide different types of it. They will also be able to give you the proper advice about the aftercare and recovery period based on your situation. In this blog post, we will provide you with some reviews left by clients who have been treated at the Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic in Albania.

Photo illustrating a hair transplant consultation at the Advanced Hair Clinic in Albania

General Information On Hair Transplantation

Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic specializes in minimally invasive procedures. The treatment steps are usually the same: the doctor transfers the patient's hair follicles from one area of the scalp which is usually the back of it, also called the donor area, and implements these follicles to the donor area where the hair is missing. This procedure will be done under the effect of local anesthesia so the patient will not feel any pain or discomfort.

At Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic we provide every hair transplant technique you could think of, including manual hair transplants, afro hair transplants, FUE, DHI, and Sapphire FUE hair transplants; moreover, beard and eyebrow transplants, hair transplants for ladies, and more. The procedure is mostly the same and the results will be exceptional. They are minimally invasive procedures which means the scars will be either minimal or invincible.

Before the procedure takes place the surgeon will explain it to you step by step and you will both decide which is the best treatment for your needs. He will draw a line where the hair is supposed to be implemented in order to provide the most natural-looking hairline that fits you the best. Hair loss can happen for several reasons, so if you are having self-confidence problems due to it you can consider having a hair transplant.

Photo illustrating a patient at a hair transplant clinic in Albania - Advanced Hair Clinic.

Patient Reviews

“I had my hair transplant procedure done 12 years before at the Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic in Albania and all I have to say is that I am really pleased with my results. The doctors and staff at the clinic have been very understanding making me feel comfortable and answering every question I had. During the initial consultation, the doctor explained the possible outcomes and also the risks of the procedure. He gave me clear instructions to follow before and after the procedure. During the surgery, the staff helped me a lot and I did not feel any type of pain and discomfort. Until now the results have been amazing and I would highly recommend the Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic in Albania if you are thinking of having a hair transplant in the future. You will surely receive expert advice and care at reasonable prices, making the whole experience worth it.”-James Anderson

“I have had an incredible experience at the Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic overall. Beginning with the first consultation, when the staff listened to my desires my personal situation, and how my hairline was affecting my confidence. They made it very clear what to expect and how the surgery would go. Everything went perfectly and I got the most natural-looking results. The doctor was very careful to not set unrealistic expectations which made me more comfortable and the results more realistic.

The staff made me feel comfortable and made me feel extremely special on that day; all of my questions were heard and answered. To be honest, I enjoyed it. The instructions for the weeks and months following surgery were quite clear, as was advice on how to make sure the hair transplant had the best chance of succeeding.

Now that the surgery has been over a year ago, I can say that I'm really happy with the results. I feel so confident and nobody has even guessed that I had the treatment since it appears so natural. Thank you to everyone who assisted at the clinic; I am very happy and appreciative of what you've all done for me. The doctor was also extremely pleased with the overall results, which made me feel even happier and supported."-David Bennett

“The whole experience starting from the initial consultation to the recovery was amazing and this is perfectly reflected in the results. The doctor was very clear and he explained the process step by step while also remaining empathic to my fears and answering every question. The clinic was very clean and the staff was very helpful, which made it so much easier for me to rely on them. I would recommend Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic in Albania to everyone who is considering having a hair transplant.” -Robert Smith

"There is nothing more I could have asked for. I got the precise outcome I wanted, and my hair transplant appears so natural that no one could ever know I had one—I can't even remember my previous hairline! I would suggest the Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic and its staff; they were really soothing and peaceful throughout the transplant procedure, and they weren't pushy during consultations."-Brian Taylor

Photo illustrating a hair transplant procedure performed at the Advanced Hair Clinic in Albania.

"My life changed completely after I had my FUE operation at Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic a little over a year ago. I had visited several different clinics for guidance, just like others, but I trusted the surgeon and his colleagues completely from our first appointment. I was really confident that the Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic would deliver when I left my appointment. The entire process, including the first consultation and meeting, the day of the surgery's preparation, the actual procedure, and all of the post-operative care, was superb. As a result, I no longer worry about my hair every day, and I am extremely grateful to Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic for providing me with top-notch care and treatment."-Anthony Reynolds

"I had spoken to a few other locations, and the specialists at Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic really impressed me with their collaborative style and the advice they gave me right from the first consultation. There was no pressure to buy, and the guidance covered every type of therapy for hair loss. They were interested in learning about my goals and offered honest advice, such as selecting an age-appropriate hairline. On the day of the procedure, it was a calm setting, and I always felt like I was in good hands because they had walked me through the day in preparation to make sure I knew each step. They provided excellent aftercare instructions that explained how things would go during the recovery period and what to watch out for. They checked in with me as part of the aftercare, and it was evident that I could contact them if I had any questions or concerns. The real outcomes have also been excellent."- Christopher Hayes

"I spent a lot of time searching online and came across the Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic in Albania following an unpleasant experience with another center. I knew I was in good hands right away from our first email exchange. The physician was very thorough in his initial appointment, going over all I needed to know to make an informed choice. The surgeon made me feel at ease right away, and it was obvious that he was not just an authority in his area but also sincerely concerned about giving me the care I needed. When I went back to the clinic, everyone who worked there was excellent as well; they thoroughly explained the process, and what could be accomplished, and addressed any concerns I had. Prior to the treatment, I received regular updates along with an all-inclusive arrangement that answered all of my questions. On the day of the treatment, we arrived at the clinic early, precisely seven in the morning. When I met with the doctor, we went over everything again, filled out the paperwork, and got going. Since there is a TV and music accessible, the environment is incredibly soothing, therefore the day was good overall. After the operation, I kept in touch with the clinic's staff, and I have nothing but praise for them. Time to wait for the outcome now."-Mat Mitchell

Photo illustrating a patient satisfied with their hair transplant in Albania results

"I was referred to the Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic in Albania and after seeing their outcomes and hearing their stories, I decided to go on with it. I saw one of the doctors for an initial consultation, and they were very helpful, gave me all the information I needed, and didn't once make me feel like they were trying to sell me something or take my money. The pro-mature hairline stance and the expected amount of grafts were the primary factors in my decision. You are really effectively anesthetized during the process, so I actually slept through much of it with no pain at all. The recuperation went far better than I had anticipated. Because sleeping is uncomfortable during the first ten days of surgery, I would suggest obtaining a cushion around your neck. I've had nothing but excellent aftercare from the Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic in Albania. Again, thank you."- Eric Carter

"Today is the anniversary of my hair transplant at Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic in Albania. They were really professional and gave detailed explanations at every stage. Prior to my operation, I had a couple of visits to other clinics, but I was really turned off by their forceful enrollment practices. During the initial appointment, you also usually meet with non-clinical staff members who, in my experience, are not able to respond to simple inquiries concerning the surgery itself or its side effects. I first had a meeting with the surgeon at Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic in Albania before the treatment was carried out. I had all my questions answered, and the doctor reassured me about the process. He advised me to take a few days off and think about it before I signed up, which tells me he is a moral and kind surgeon. Based on my own experience, I wholeheartedly endorse this facility. The only thing I regret is not starting sooner!"-Steven Johnson

"There's really nowhere else to look if you're thinking about getting a hair transplant in Albania. The staff at the Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic was kind, knowledgeable, and extremely skilled throughout the entire process, from the first consultations to the procedure and the follow-up treatment. I'm really happy with how everything turned out; the "scarring" is hardly noticeable to the unaided eye. I would suggest calling them if you are worried about your hair loss."- Marcus Rodriguez

Photo illustrating a patient satisfied with their hair transplant in Albania at the Advanced Hair Clinic

"My hair had started to style differently and I was feeling low in confidence due to my receding hairline, so two years ago I started my adventure to take preventative steps to prevent it. The cost was not a concern when I visited a total of roughly six hair transplant clinics; my main goal was to ensure that I had the finest procedure and, consequently, the greatest outcomes. I appreciated the surgeon's consultation style and had a strong personal connection with him right away. I also took note of his professional qualifications. Over the course of two months, we had several meetings. I felt comfortable having him perform the operation with his staff since he was always upfront about his limitations and never tried to upsell me.

Choosing a clinic was a little difficult for me, and I'm pleased I spent time visiting and chatting with many clinics before deciding on this one. I found the physicians and personnel to be very soothing, composed, and encouraging on the day of the procedure. The day passed swiftly and without any pain. Additionally, they performed the surgery so expertly that I had very little scarring on my back, which disappeared completely within a few weeks. A year later, I'm writing this and I couldn't be happier. It's the finest money I've ever spent, my confidence has increased, and my hairline has returned.

If you're thinking about doing this, I'd strongly advise you to talk with the personnel at Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic, let them walk you through the surgery, go at their prior successes, and put your faith in them for a crucially important procedure. They performed a fantastic job, and it has significantly increased my confidence. The hair has a natural hairline and is thick. I seem younger again, and no one can tell at all."-Daniel Miller

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