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Manual hair transplant in Albania

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Manual hair transplants in Albania involve extracting individual hair follicles from one area of the body and transplanting them into another area where there is little or no hair.

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Manual Hair Transplant in Albania.

Manual hair transplant
in Tirana, Albania

The Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic offers the latest in hair restoration technology so patients can enjoy the most natural-looking hair restoration results.

Manual hair transplant in Albania has become one of the most popular hair restoration procedures in recent years. The country’s medical infrastructure and experienced medical personnel have been instrumental in fueling the success of its hair transplant industry. The world has truly taken notice, and the trend of traveling to Albania for hair transplants continues to rise.

During manual Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, individual hair follicles are taken from one section of the body and transplanted into another area. This is done to stimulate new hair growth in areas where hair loss has been occurring. Approximately 650,000 hair transplant surgeries are performed annually by men and women worldwide due to this hair restoration procedure.

Before and After Results of Hair Transplant in Albania

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Why should I trust Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic with the manual FUE hair transplant?

With manual FUE, the surgeons at the Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic can precisely select individual hair follicles to harvest, giving you the natural, healthy look you desire.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team can provide guidance and clarity when it comes to making the right decisions about your hair transplant.

Pre-op planning is tailored to each person who wants to have a hair transplant at our clinic. We take into account the individual's desired outcome, hair characteristics, and medical history to ensure the most effective results possible. The pre-operation planning process gives our patients the confidence they need to make an informed decision.

Each vital sign is carefully evaluated, and our team is prepared to act quickly to respond to any changes. Our priority is ensuring your safety and well-being.

At Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic, we use the latest sterilization techniques, making sure that staff and customers are kept safe at all times. Furthermore, we take extra safety precautions, such as the use of masks and gloves, to further reduce the risk of infection.

We will be with you each step of the way, providing guidance, support, and advice.

Manual hair transplant in Tirana, Albania: Advantages

The manual FUE procedure has several advantages over other hair transplantation methods. First, they are not as invasive and cause no trauma to the scalp while removing the grafts with the least damage possible. Second, they allow for a more natural-looking hairline. Third, they are less likely to result in scarring. Finally, they are less expensive than other methods. And if these aren’t convincing enough, you should also know that manual FUE guarantees a higher survival rate of the follicle, with the loss rate of the graft being only one to three percent. Another thing worth mentioning is that because of the nearby grafts and the donor area being untouched, there is a lower chance of the epidermis being damaged during the operation, leading to no scars or bruises.

There is also a lower chance of the extracted grafts being thin. A graft can contain up to four follicles. Lastly, the hair grows back in the donor area more easily and healthier, meaning the donor area will be healed after 48 hours, allowing for more discreet implantation. Above all, the manual FUE hair transplant technique offers a fuller and more natural regrowth of hair. An advantage worth mentioning is that during the procedure, the patient will be sitting under the surgeon’s scalpel. This makes it easier for him to operate in a comfortable position in a minimally tiring way. This is especially relevant when a session lasts for a long time.


Manual FUE hair transplant: The way it works:

Once the donor area is identified, the follicles will be isolated and extracted with a manual punch. Then, the harvested follicles are grafted using micro-incisions or an implanter pen in the targeted area.

The cost of FUE can vary widely, and it is often more expensive than other hair restoration treatments. It is wise to research the specialists in your area and their prices before making a decision to ensure that you are getting the finest value for your money.

People are increasingly traveling for elective cosmetic procedures. This is because the cost and availability of such treatment in other countries, such as Albania, are often much more attractive than what is offered locally. The combination of a holiday and a procedure is an attractive option for many.

It is expected that you will experience swelling or discomfort in the first three days after surgery. Some hair might even fall during the recovery process. Noteworthy: This is a process that requires patience, as the hair will not grow back overnight. However, with the right aftercare routine, the results can truly be life-changing.

The cost Manual FUE hair transplant

The cost of a manual FUE hair transplant in Albania depends on a number of factors and it is best to consult with a clinic specialist to get a personalized price based on your specific needs and circumstances. What we can guarantee is that with us you will find the best price and the most experienced doctors in the country. 

Manual Hair Transplant results in Tirana, Albania

The differences between Manual FUE and Micro FUE

Ever since micromotors started being used in FUE hair transplantation, there have been arguments and counterarguments about which method is superior to the other. We at Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic are big supporters of the saying, "There is no patient, there is a disease." In practice, this means that a patient’s symptoms must be interpreted holistically, seeing the patient as more than the sum of their ailments.

It is essential to look at the patient as a living, breathing human being, with unique needs and circumstances. Therefore, surgeons at the Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic make sure that the best-suited approach is used in every case, taking into account the individual needs of each patient.

When the two techniques are put side by side:

The two methods are the same. Manual FUE can be a tad slower and more controlled, whereas micro FUE is quicker. While it is true that the grafts taken in manual FUE are less damaged, it is also true that faster implantation of grafts affects the quality of life and the mental state of the patient.

Manual FUE is superior in terms of which method causes less damage to the grafts and donor area and ensures a better success rate of FUE hair transplant. Micro FUE is superior in the number of grafts transplanted. One individual micro FUE session can transplant three times as many grafts as a manual FUE session.

When speaking of costs, micro-FUE hair transplants are more economical and affordable. The manual FUE technique, however, has a faster recovery time for the donor area, since fewer grafts are being placed. The micro-FUE technique is more commonly used. This makes it easier to find a clinic. However, the traditional FUE method is less common, making it harder to find the right surgeon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (FAQs)

Since follicular unit extraction works by removing each hair unit individually, it also allows them to be removed one at a time without leaving scars. Immediately after the procedure, there will be visible, small puncture wounds in the donor areas. After two or four days, these wounds will close up, and the scars will be so microscopic that they will no longer be visible.

The use of this method means that patients can get the grafts they need without having to worry about the effects the procedure may leave behind. The scars are minimal and nearly unnoticeable, making this an ideal solution for those wanting more natural hair restoration.

Recovery time for most patients varies from two to seven days after surgery. Although manual FUE hair transplant scars usually heal within two to four days, it could take around a week for the donor area to appear healed and scab-free. This recovery time varies from one individual to another.

Commonly, there is no pain during a manual FUE hair transplant because the procedure is done under the influence of local anesthesia. There is hardly any pain even after the procedure is done.

During the manual FUE hair transplant procedure, the patient is given a sedative that is followed by the infiltration of a subcutaneous local anesthetic.

When performing a manual FUE hair transplant, the number of grafts used is determined by the size of the area to be covered and the density you desire. Coarse hair and grafts containing an increased number give the illusion of a full head of hair.

Unfortunately, this is all determined by genetics. Knowing this in advance allows us to customize a plan that meets the patient's desired outcome while still being realistic. We always strive to provide the most accurate service and results.

Of course yes! Patients will see a natural-looking result that blends seamlessly with their existing hair. In most cases, people are unable to tell whether the hair is transplanted or natural.

The manual FUE hair transplant technique guarantees that the new hair strands blend perfectly with the rest of the natural hair, thanks to the individual transplantation of each follicle.

In the tenth to twelfth month the hair starts to grow and the final results will be quite visible. However, the entire process is gradual, with the initial steps being subtle and the results becoming more noticeable over time. Patience is key when it comes to FUE hair transplants.

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