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How Long Will It Take To Stay In Albania For A Hair Transplant?

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Hair Transplant in Albania

Table of Contents

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure conducted with the sole objective of addressing thinning hair or balding regions on a person’s scalp. During this procedure, there are harvested hair follicles from the donor site and transferred to the recipient site which is usually an area with thinning hair or balding. Done generally under the administration of local anesthesia, there exist two main methods employed in the procedure: FUT (Follicular Unit Transportation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

Throughout the FUE technique, hair follicles are extracted one by one and transferred to the recipient site. The FUE technique is less intrusive and leaves less scarring.

Throughout the FUT technique, a strip of hair-bearing skin is extracted from the back of the scalp and cut into smaller pieces. Such pieces are then transferred to the recipient site.

The whole hair transplant procedure takes from 4 to 8 hours. Following the procedure, a bandage is placed on the head for several days, and some activities should be ceased until the wound completely heals, at least that’s what surgeons recommend. The transplanted hair might fall out in 2 to 3 weeks following the surgery, but this is part of the normality of the process, and the hair will start growing again within 3 to 6 months.

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The Time Required for Hair Transplant in Albania

Albania is among the leading countries for hair transplantation around the world and is highly chosen by many foreign people. The time necessitated for a hair transplant surgery can differ depending entirely on the size of the surgery, and the patient’s hair transplant technique. And of course, the patient’s individual situation. Generally, a hair transplant procedure takes a few hours and can be done within a day. Yet, depending on the size of the surgery and the patient’s individual situation, the procedure might continue for the following day or several days.

Once the procedure is done, the recommendation for the patients is to rest for a minimum of 2 to 3 days and restrain from some activities throughout the recovery process. There might be a requirement for bandages for several days following the procedure, and there might also be some medications prescribed.

Following the hair transplantation, it might take approximately 3 to 6 months for the hair to grow and the wounds to heal. There can be, however, follow-up visits scheduled between the surgeon and the patient. Hair transplantation clinics in Albania typically offer world-class services and provide patients with all the needed medical support to help them on a quicker recovery.

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Accommodation Arrangements Prior to Hair Transplantation

Accommodation arrangements before undergoing a hair transplant surgery can differ depending on the patient’s desires and the options provided by the hair transplant clinic. The majority of hair transplant clinics in Albania provide a diversity of alternatives to make sure that the patients have a comfortable accommodation experience.

We at Advanced Hair Clinic provide affiliated hotels for our patients. The hotel rooms are fully furnished to help the patient relax and rest prior to and following the procedure. Advanced Hair Clinic provides specific services for the transportation, accommodation, and some other necessities of the patients. Such services might include such as room service, meal services, airport transfers, tours, and other activities.

Accommodation and Care During the Post-Transplantation Period

Being cautious about the accommodation and care throughout the post-transplantation period is essential for patients. Following the intervention, patients might need a resting period of about 2 to 3 days and wear a bandage surrounding their head. Furthermore, avoiding some activities and taking medications as prescribed by the surgeon is of utmost importance.

In regard to accommodation, several hair transplant clinics provide different alternatives to make sure that patients have a comfortable stay. Such options might include either private accommodation units within the clinic, or nearby hotels. The planning of accommodation alternatives in advance can assist in ensuring a swift journey.

When it comes to postoperative care, patients are recommended to put on a bandage for a couple of days to assist the wound heal. Moreover, as aforementioned, they might need to take medications continuously as advised by the surgeon. Throughout the healing process, they should avoid hair washes and touching the scabs that might form in the region.

Adhering to the surgeon’s advice for post-operative care and accommodation arrangements and adhering to all guidelines thoroughly can aid patients in achieving successful outcomes.

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Pre-Operative Precautions

You will additionally need to adhere to the below guideline prior to undergoing the surgery.


Cease from smoking seven days prior to the surgery and particularly, do not smoke on the day of the procedure seeing as it can lead to the blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles reducing.


Cease from the consumption of aspirin or any other medication that has anti-inflammatory attributes for a minimum of a week prior to the procedure. Additionally, do not take any kind of supplement like vitamin B or E, or any medication, the day before the surgery without first having a talk with the surgeon who is conducting the surgery.


Alcohol consumption must be ceased for a minimum of seven days prior to and following the procedure. This is recommended since alcohol acts as a thinner for the blood, which can then cause complications.

Eat As Advised

The preoperative guidelines for food consumption depend entirely on the kind of anesthetics used, the being administered, the method of the procedure employed, and the personal patient case.

Medical Conditions

The staff conducting the hair transplant must be well aware of all the medical conditions as soon as possible during the procedure. It can impact a patient’s eligibility and the success rate of the hair transplant surgery.


The head should not be shaved prior to coming in for the procedure. As a matter of fact, let it grow for two weeks prior to that. The surgeon conducting the procedure will need to assess the quality of the hair and mark distinctly the balding and thinning regions while the hair has some length to it.


A minimal collar and wide necks will help in the reduction of the chances of the transplant of the donor site being damaged. Items that involve buttons and zip-ups are advised for maximized patient comfortability.


The patient must ensure initially that they have undergone an appropriate transplantation following a hair transplant in Albania.

If there is someone accompanying the patient who can drive them to the hotel, it would be the best solution. The anesthesia administered to relieve the pain and also helps you stay relaxed throughout the surgery takes a while to wear off and most likely will not be worn off by the time the procedure is completely done with.

When You Come to Albania

After you arrive in Albania, you will experience everything noted below:

First Appointment

Upon your arrival, you will meet at the clinic with a patient host, who will be your central point of call for every appointment during your stay in Albania.

The host will additionally play the role of a translator during your meetings with the surgeon to clarify any misunderstanding. Firstly, you will have to get registered at the clinic. This is a requirement from the Albanian Ministry of Health. Next, a blood test is needed. It is a test done to check if there is any infectious disease present. To make sure that performing the surgery on you is safe and secure, your blood pressure will be checked. After that, you will have a discussion with the surgeon.

During the initial meeting with the surgeon, he or she will evaluate and assess you to establish whether you are in good overall health, enough to undergo the procedure.

You will have the chance to have a discussion regarding your expectations in depth to make sure that you both comprehend what is achievable thanks to the procedure. To make everything more clear, the surgeon will draw a hairline to show you how you will look after the surgery.

Preparing a list of questions in advance is much better, so you do not leave anything out. After, your head will get shaved. Prior to the surgery, you will also need to sign some treatment plan forms.

Procedura e transplantit te flokeve FUE ne Shqiperi

The Procedure

The procedure of the hair transplant will vary depending on the method chosen (FUE, FUT, DHI, Sapphire FUE hair transplant surgery) for your individual situation, but in every treatment alternative, you will be administered a local anesthetic.

The full procedure can take up to eight hours, depending on the size of the transplanted area. You will be offered meals and you will have an emergency staff on hand.

Due to the nature of the procedure, the surgeon will recommend resting for a few days following the intervention.

Follow Up

As a hair transplantation patient, it will only be obligatory for you to attend two appointments- the first appointment at the clinic and a follow-up appointment in the following days. At this junction, the surgeon will check over the freshly added grafts and ensure that everything is going according to plan.

He or she will additionally run you through the aftercare guidelines, such as the way to wash your scalp, and any medication you might need including shampoos or lotions to maintain the implanted hairs in the best condition possible.

The Process to Follow After Hair Transplantation

Following a hair transplant procedure, patients might necessitate going through a recovery period. Throughout this period, it is essential for the patients to be cautious and adhere to their doctor’s suggestions. In the initial several days following the procedure, patients might need to put on a bandage to aid the wounds in the scalp region to heal. It is just as essential for them to keep on taking the medication advised by the doctor and cease some activities.

Throughout the initial week following the surgery, patients are recommended to not remove any scabs from the region and to cease washing their hair. Throughout the recovery period, it is suggested that patients wash their hair and cease removing any scabs.

The recovery period typically takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks, and throughout this time, patients must be cautious and adhere to their doctor’s suggestions. Once the recovery period is done, the transplanted hair in the area might fall out within 2 to 3 weeks. Yet, this part of normality and the new hair will start growing in about 3 to 6 months.

Check-up visits following the hair transplant enable patients to keep in touch with their doctor and supervise their recovery process. Adhering to the appropriate process following a hair transplant procedure can assist patients in achieving successful results.

Rezultatet e transplantit te flokeve ne Shqiperi

Post-Hair Transplant Control And Follow-Up Process

As aforementioned, following a hair transplant surgery, patients might require going through a particular recovery process. Throughout the recovery process, it is crucial for patients to adhere to their doctor’s suggestions and undergo routine check-ups.

The initial check-ups take place several days following the hair transplantation. Through these follow-up visits, the doctor is capable of checking that the wounds are healing correctly and that the hair is starting to grow normally. Additionally, the doctor offers recommendations on what the patients should do throughout the recovery period.

Attending routine check-ups throughout the recovery period is of utmost importance for patients. Thanks to these check-ups it can be noticed anything going wrong and what needs to be corrected. Furthermore, during them, the doctor will offer you a guideline for the aftercare.

The check-up appointments following the hair transplantation aid patients in achieving successful hair transplant results. Bear in mind that, what we have mentioned a couple of times now, staying in touch with your doctor, having regular check-ups, adhering to your doctor’s suggestions and advice, and avoiding some activities are extremely vital.


The very first time for anything at all can be quite frightening, agonizing, and unnerving. Bear in mind that you have to make reservations regarding your flight tickets and get a visa by yourself. Furthermore, make sure to pack your things only after checking on the weather.

Throughout the stay, adhere to the preoperative guidelines and ensure to join all the appointments. Next, follow your surgeon’s instructions for a successful recovery.

Comprehending what awaits you before, throughout, and following your journey to Albania for a hair transplant procedure will aid in better preparing for both the small and big things.

At any phase of this journey, if you require any help, you can always get in touch with our team at Advanced Hair Clinic.

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