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From Italy to Albania for Hair Transplant: Why is this trend rising?

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Pattern baldness comes completely from genetics, at least in the crushing majority. Research from health specialists has shown that other conventional triggers include diet, stress, and hormonal imbalance, all aside from medication and illness. Nevertheless, knowing the reason behind your hair falling off isn't quite helpful. What one must do is reverse the signs of balding.

That can be done by undergoing a hair transplant, a process that necessitates competence and capability.

Hair transplantation surgeries are conducted in clinics all around the world with varied success. In recent years, Albania has proven to be the best destination for receiving high-quality hair transplants. Italian specialists in hair transplant are now traveling to Tirana to learn from their Albanian colleagues.

Albania is currently the most unique and high-end leader in hair transplants in the world, and below we will tell you why.

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What Drives the Popularity of Hair Transplants in Albania for Italian Patients?

Albania outshines Italy in hair transplant surgeries for multiple reasons.

The first of many is that Albania is a country full of healthy people. It is the habitation of numerous prestigious international universities, with many of them specializing in medicine. Behind Albania gaining a global reputation lie the students coming from all over the world, mainly Italy, to study medicine and stay there to practice what they’ve learned.

Albanian clinics, doctors, and hospitals, be they private or public, are internationally respected. This permits Albanian surgeons to keep advancing in their field. Several medical procedures can only be performed there, under the supervision of Albanian experts. These are some of the reasons that aid Albanians in creating a healthy medical environment, where medical equipment and utensils, knowledge, and people are always worth investing in.

Meet the Hair Transplantation Experts at Advanced Hair Clinic

Advanced Hair Clinic is a transnational hair transplant clinic specializing in aesthetic surgeries. Besides hair transplants, the clinic also provides procedures related to eyebrow transplants and bear transplants. It is a clinic that has been dedicated to beauty and committed to health ever since its creation.

Hair transplant procedures at Advance Hair Clinic include:

  •        Hair transplant;
  •        FUE hair transplant;
  •        Sapphire hair transplant;
  •        DHI hair transplant;
  •        Beard transplant;
  •        Eyebrow transplantation and much more

If you're looking for an avant-garde and cutting-edge hair transplantation clinic in Albania, focusing on aesthetic surgeries, then Advanced Hair Clinic is the place to go. Their team of certified and accredited doctors boasts years of expertise in hair transplant operations. The clinic, on the other hand, is full of cutting-edge technology that makes innovation all so easy.

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Hair Transplantation with DHI Method at Advanced Hair Clinic

Three are the most common types of hair transplant procedures used commonly: FUT, FUE, and DHI.

Though slowly becoming forgotten and seen as an outdated technique since it can leave potential scars on the scalp, the FUT technique is very popular across hair transplant clinics in Tirana, and it is quite similar to the DHI method. Both surgeries are standard ones that require some time but are trustworthy, do not include any risk, and are very efficacious for hair growth.

Fully named the follicular unit extraction, FUE hair transplantation involves taking hair follicles from the donor (which commonly is the neck or the back of the head) and harvesting or cultivating them into the scalp, namely the recipient area. The channel is cut manually by the surgeon. The DHI technique is the same, with the only difference being that these two processes occur simultaneously.

Standing for direct hair transplantation, DHI is the most advanced hair transplant technique, an alternative to the FUE method. The DHI is performed using a special pen-like medical device that permits the hair transplant surgeons to implant the graft while cutting channels at the same time. The new hair will gradually grow from these channels.

What to Anticipate During a Hair Transplantation Procedure at the Advanced Hair Clinic?

The following is all you need to know when it comes to getting a hair transplant at Advanced Hair Clinic in Albania:

Every hair transplant package includes a preparation and post-operation routine. Generally, the FUE and DHI procedures take up to 6 hours, all depending on the number of grafts. The first results are visible and the new hair starts growing 18 months after the procedure.

Before the hair transplant surgery at Advanced Hair Clinic, the patients will be thoroughly assessed and examined, including testing for potential allergies. Afterward, the head gets shaved and a local anesthetic is administered. The surgery itself depends entirely on the technique used. Once done, the surgeon will apply an antibiotic and bandages to the new grafts.

It is completely normal for patients to experience slight numbness and discomfort several weeks after the operation. The operated area should carefully be monitored for possible reactions throughout this period. Another thing completely normal is the appearance of thin crusts and rushes, normally, they will disappear within a week.

In Advanced Hair Clinic, the hair transplant doctor generally prescribed an antibiotic that the patient should apply as subscripted. Instead of regular shampoo, patients also receive a special shampoo. The transplanted hair must be washed delicately and with much less water for the first ten days after the operation.


Advantages of Hair Transplant Clinics in Tirana Over Italy

Transplant clinics in Albania have something that other clinics don’t have:

  • Outstanding surgeons;
  • Proficient medical workers;
  • Cutting-edge equipment;
  • Thousands of gratified patients.

As evidence of satisfaction, check out some before and after photographs at Advanced Hair Clinic’s website.

The cost-effectiveness is another reason why Albania is such a popular destination for numerous medical procedures, including hair transplants. In sum, the costs of operation, postoperative care, and traveling are, as a rule, lower than in many other countries throughout the world. Albania offers high-end quality for quite affordable prices.

Reasons to Select the Advanced Hair Clinic for Your Hair Transplantation Procedure

You are probably thinking about the reasons to select the Advanced Hair Clinic for your hair transplantation procedure. It is simple. Advanced Hair Clinic offers matchless medical care services to all of its patients. The surgeons, general ambiance, the conditions, and the technology with which the procedures are conducted, are the best in the business. If in search of a nonpareil hair clinic in Albania, look no further than Advanced Hair Clinic.

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The Popularity of Hair Transplantation in Albania

Albania, which serves as a connection between many countries and has a strategic geographical location, is also a place for many expert hair transplant experts. Starting with FUE and ending with DHI, from hair transplantation to eyebrow transplantation, it is possible to get service from the best in many fields. Simultaneously, many services provided such as transfer and accommodation make Albania one of the greatest hair transplant countries.

Understanding the Affordable Cost of Hair Transplants in Albania

If you are asking around about the hair transplant prices in Albania, you will notice that the prices are much lower than in other countries. There are two reasons for this:

  • Hair transplant service is offered as a package

Numerous clinics offer hair transplant services in packages. Such packages involve services such as interpretation, accommodation, and transfer. Intrinsically, patients who arrive for hair transplantation do not have to pay additional fees.

  • Changes due to exchange rate

For people coming from abroad, changes in exchange rates make a great route. Adding to the amount paid for hair transplantation, there is no necessity to allocate an added budget to traveling and exploring Albania. Taking into account the hair transplant prices abroad, people who come to Albania both use it as a holiday chance and get the aesthetic service needed.

Comparison: Hair Transplants in Albania vs. Hair Transplants in Italy

When comparing the hair transplant service in Albania with Italy, we notice that Albania has a very much better position. Why exactly? That's because Albania provides patients with great hair transplant packages and deals. Furthermore, as aforementioned, patients can undergo procedures at much more affordable prices than in Italy. And above all, Albania’s hair transplant outcomes are much better than Italy’s.

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Understanding the Cost of Hair Transplants in Albania

Several factors affect the hair transplant prices in Albania, among which: which procedure will be conducted, which hair transplant package is preferred, and the number of grafts needed. Though the prices in an average clinic start at 1500 euros, the prices can go up to 10.000 euros if the charging is done per graft.

How Much Are Hair Transplant Prices in Albania and Hair Transplant Prices in Other Countries?

On average, hair transplant expenses in Albania begin at 1500 euros. While in Italy they start at 7000 euros. For this exact reason, hair transplant prices in Albania are very inexpensive, but what adds to it is the fact that Albanian hair transplant centers are among the best ones in the world.

Why travel to Albania for a hair transplant?

We are only in the middle of 2023, yet Albania has shown intense experience in treating thousands of patients from Italy, especially in the branches of hair transplant and cosmetic dentistry.

Reason #1 - The Physicians: Albanian surgeons are shown among the best

Is there a possibility that the antique route to look for medical wisdom has not yet changed ever since Noah Gordon’s best-selling novel The Physician, which later turned into a movie? Or perhaps Albanian finally achieved their goal of merging their know-how in hospitality and medicine?

The reason behind the fact that Albania is a residence to numerous of the greatest hair transplant surgeons in the world is tenable. Becoming a doctor in a country like Albania pledges prestige and affluence. There is also a ferocious competition amongst surgeons who devotedly follow up on medical advancements, technologies, and new training and keep building on their skills.

Reason # 2 – The Price Advantage

Is there any reason really for anyone to pay more for the same procedure, at the same high-end quality? Albania has an indomitable price and quality advantage when it comes to geographic arbitrage. First-class clinics that provide unsurpassed customer care employ experienced surgeons with years of knowledge and God-given skills. The staff at a well-recognized hair transplant clinic in Tirana gets well paid, starting with surgeons and technicians to patient assistants. Yet, the cost of a hair transplant procedure is very low-cost when compared to the West. An average individual living on an average wage in Italy can easily afford a hair transplant in a top-rated clinic in Albania.

If you have been a little wary and asking around why hair transplants in Albania are so cheap, this is exactly why. However, always be suspicious, do not just trust clinics that have really low prices, and say they have the same quality because that would be too good to be true. Keep in mind that there is a diversity of segments of quality and pricing within the same country.

Reason # 3 – The Package and the Ease of Mind

Stubborn of filling in the bald areas on your scalp with youthful and lush hair, hair transplant clinics in Albania provide unlined packages that involve luxury or private accommodation of your own choice, transfers from the airport to the clinic to the hotel, and vice versa, and much more. In plain English, they are real professionals.

The undercover recipe that has turned Albania into such a successful country in providing superb medical journeys had more to do with the natural friendliness of everyone involved in hospitality. Most Albanians will go out of their way to help a foreigner or answer a simple question. Reading the many online reviews of international hair transplant patients in Albania who mention that the whole experience has exceeded their expectations is worth it.

How to choose a hair transplant clinic in Albania?

Selecting the appropriate hair transplant clinic is one of the most essential elements whenever it comes to a successful hair transplant procedure. Therefore, the whole process might feel overwhelming and challenging to many, including the decision-making. The low costs and high quality make Albania a preferred location for hair transplant surgeries. Yet, of course, it is of utmost importance to choose a proper hair transplant clinic in Albania. Below, we have put together a guideline on how to pick the best hair transplant clinic in Albania.

Patient Experience

You can easily understand if a clinic is worth it by taking a look at previous patients’ experiences. Read a little online. Do your search. See every review, and every video testimonial from them at different stages of their recovery, and make the right decision. Do remember that many clinics delete negative comments or fake some good ones, so be cautious and read those reviews that give a lot of information on the process.

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Before and after photos

A crucial element or factor in giving you a comprehensive perspective of what to expect after the hair transplant surgery is the before and after photographs. You can usually find them on the clinic’s official website, but even if you cannot, you can ask the surgeon to show you some. You might even find previous patients who have the same medical condition as yours and create a general idea of what your results might be.

Price range

Hair transplant surgeries can be high-end and cost-related. As a matter of fact, most people are hesitant to undergo a hair transplant operation for the simple reason that they are exorbitant. Nevertheless, low-cost hair transplant surgeries in Albania offer a great opportunity. You can choose a hair transplant clinic with ease, one that suits your budget and doesn’t necessarily need you to break the bank for a better look. It should, however, be noted that ultra-cheap alternatives are not a sign of high quality, because many clinics might be lowering their prices at the expense of quality.

Types of procedures offered

Dependent on what your preferences are as well as your medical condition, you might be searching to get a specific type of treatment such as FUE hair transplant, DHI hair transplant, Sapphire FUE hair transplant, or FUT hair transplant. You can always take a look at the types of procedures provided by the hair transplant clinic so you can see whether they are capable of performing the procedure that you are after.

Number of patients per day

Though for many it might seem nonessential, the number of patients who enter and leave the hair transplant clinic is a high indicator of how known and recognized the clinic is, in addition to learning about the way they approach the hair transplant procedure. An increased number of patients but a reduced number of experienced surgeons or medical staff means that the clinic is not punctilious about hair transplant surgeries.

The medical team and their specialization

For more niche operations such as Asian-textured or afro hair transplants, the specialization of the medical team is of utmost importance. If you are part of that group of people who have afro, curly, or thin hair you should pay close attention to the long suits of the medical staff to make sure that the results will be the best ones possible. Moreover, you can always ask for details regarding the surgeon and the medical team to learn more about their knowledge.

Location of the clinic

Another element quite crucial for the surgery is undoubtedly the location of the clinic. It must be close to where your lodging is, that’s mainly because you will be spending so much time in the clinic for pre and post-consultation.

Post-op support

Truth be said, the rehabilitation period is as important as the hair transplant operation itself, if not more, for the procedure to be called successful. That is the reason why postoperative support is essential. To make sure that you get the best hair transplant results there will be necessary that the clinic offers post-op support and a thorough list of aftercare instructions.


Keep in mind to take a look at the certifications and accreditation of your most liked hair transplant clinic. Such certifications will help you create an idea of just how specialized and knowledgeable the medical staff is.

What to do in Tirana before and after the operation?

Wait up! That is if you have made the ultimate decision to enjoy life to the fullest by undergoing a hair transplant. Do not book your flights yet. That is because you might want to add a few days to the beginning or even the end of your hair transplant schedule, to make the most of this splendid, distinctive city to turn the whole thing into a full vacation.

Not only is Tirana popular as a tourist destination thanks to its interesting museums, history, food, art, and culture, but it is also the sanctuary of many important instances of architecture. In Tirana, you will discover that the historical cape itself is an open-air museum.

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