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I’ve Booked My Hair Transplant In Albania: What To Take With Me?

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Photo illustrating a patient who chose to travel to Albania for a hair transplant

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Tirana, Albania, has probably the highest focus of hair transplant clinics around the world. With medical tourism having its boom, individuals are traveling here from all over the world to undergo hair transplant procedures. That is mainly because hair clinics in Albania offer the best cost of hair transplants, which goes hand in hand with the most efficient hair transplant packages anywhere.

Albanian clinics specialize in hair transplants. This includes FUE, FUT, DHI, and Sapphire FUE hair transplant surgery. Advanced Hair Clinic in Tirana, Albania is one of the key providers of these hair transplants, providing you with top-notch services.

A patient who chose medical tourism in Albania for a hair transplant

What Should I Take With Me?

You have made the decision to undergo a hair transplant procedure at Advanced Hair Clinic, convinced by the cost-effective prices and our team’s many years of expertise. You’ve booked the flight, and your suitcase is sitting on the bed. What should you fill it with though? To aid you and make your life easier, we have compiled a packing list for a hair transplant in Albania.

Tirana, where you can find Advanced Hair Clinic, has a quite balanced climate. During the summer, the maximum temperatures reach 41 degrees. While during the winter, the thermometer doesn’t really drop below 7 degrees.

The hottest months in Tirana are July and August. Throughout this period, the water is additionally warm, enough for swimming. Nevertheless, you must be careful with doing so after a hair transplant. Following a hair transplant there will be a need to take extra care of the new head of hair and protect it against the elements, seeing as exposure can impede future hair growth.

Airy clothing and shorts are advised throughout this time. During the night, the temperature can drop to 15 degrees, so those cold-sensitive must have a thin jacket in their luggage at all times. Wearing hats or getting too much sun on the scalp must be absolutely avoided following a hair transplant. In the event that the weather is hot, direct sunlight should be avoided for several weeks following the procedure.

Generally, snow in Tirana is rare. However, there are some very rainy months like December and January, which have an average of 14 days of rain, with 194 millimeters of rain. Yet, there isn’t that much rainfall in comparison to countries like the UK or northern countries, during winter. Bringing a small umbrella with you is always a good idea, especially when seeing that following a hair transplant, wearing a hood should be avoided.

Starting from April and ending in June, as well as starting in September and ending in October, the weather can be quite even. The maximum temperatures reach 18 to 19 throughout the day and they very rarely drop below 12 degrees through the night. Bear in mind that it might get windy, so make sure to bring a windproof jacket with you as an advantage, but not as an essentiality.

Tirana, an ideal place for a hair transplant

Hair Transplant In Tirana

The cost of a hair transplant procedure in Tirana, Albania at Advanced Hair Clinic includes the hotel accommodation and the shuttle services. The hotel is positioned close to the clinic, so there will be no need for far traveling.

At the clinic, you will undergo the preliminary hair transplant consultation and the hair transplant procedure, which can both take about 7 hours in total. However, it should be noted that for those patients who require a high number of hair grafts, the procedure might take place over two days. Afterward, comes the aftercare, only one day later, and approximately two days later there will be a possible hair washing. The process depends entirely on the type of treatment plan chosen.

Considering that Advanced Hair Clinic uses only the finest hair transplant techniques, there will not be any large scarring on the donor site following the procedure. Thus, the recovery period is quite minor and swift, and it can be completely mobile. Only straight after the hair transplant will you get a bandage surrounding your head with a cap in order to protect you from any accidental scratching.

Once you arrive at the hotel, you are enabled to remove the cap. Yet, the bandage must remain on the head until the following day. Following that, you can take it off without any issues and you can start enjoying the city by walking around. That is exactly why you should bring with you clothes for a walk around the city on your packing list for hair transplantation in Albania. Walking around the city is highly recommended for healing as it stimulates blood flow and minimizes contact between the head and bed or chairs.

Additionally, it will take your mind off things. Tirana is an outstanding city with an amazing amount to visit. The essentials for a woman packing for a hair transplant surgery in Albania are undoubtedly a valid identity card or passport, cash, or a credit card- worth remembering that the currency in Albania is the Albanian Lek and the best rates of cash exchange are typically to be had in the home country. Though some reliable places in Albania do take credit cards, not all do. For your own pass time you can bring in your mobile phone, a tablet or laptop, and of course, charging cables. Bring in some headphones or earphones and books, if you are a book lover. When talking clothes, tops, blouses, or jackets that do need to be pulled over the head are advised.

Contact between any type of clothing and the newly transplanted hairs should be avoided at any cost. The same thing is valid for summer dresses. Actually, during summer, we recommend our patients wear shorts or skirts while during winter, long trousers are preferred. Our word of preparation is that if you have planned a city tour and want to visit Tirana’s mosque, make sure to wear long clothing, even throughout summer- otherwise, you won’t be allowed to enter. For the day of the procedure, it is highly advised to wear a long-sleeved top, one that you don’t mind getting dirty. Do also make sure to choose comfortable shoes and underwear- sports bras are not advised seeing as they must be pulled over your head. If you are thinking of getting a toilet bag we recommend against it- there won’t be any shampoo needed for the aftercare of the hair transplant procedure, since we will be the ones providing it. And if you are a fan of pajamas or nightgowns, do bring one in, but again, keep in mind to bring one that either has the top buttons up or that has a very large neckline.

When it comes to packing for a hair transplant in Albania for men, the luggage should include tops, of course, the preferred ones are those that do not need to be pulled over the head, so there is no chance of the transplanted hair getting rubbed against. What is also fine are loose-fitting T-shirts, as long as they fit easily over the head. During the summer there are recommended shorts, while in winter long trousers are preferred, comfortable ones, along with some comfortable shoes. Going back to the shirt, it is advised to wear a long top, which you do not mind getting dirty. There is no need for you to bring in a toilet bag that contains your shampoo, seeing as this will be provided by us and we will be the ones giving you the right shampoo for the care after the hair transplantation.

Please do not forget to bring your valid identity card or passport and have cash or your credit card with you. Do keep in mind that the currency in Albania is the Albanian Lek- the best rates of cash exchange are generally to be had in your home country. It is to be noted that the majority of reliable places in Albania will take credit cards, but not all. Bring with you your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, if needed, and of course, charging cables. For your pass time, bring your earphones or headphones. If you are more comfortable wearing pajamas, bring them in, but do still bear in mind that either the top buttons up or the neckline is very large.

A patient who is preparing his suitcase for his trip to Albania for a hair transplant

What Clothes Should You Wear During The Procedure?

On the day of the procedure, the very initial choice should be comfortable clothes that do not need to be pulled over the head. Taking into consideration the fact that you will be either seated or lying down for about seven hours, you should not wear something tight that will make the whole situation uncomfortable for you.

It should also be taken into account that, in spite of the precautions taken by us, some blood might get on your clothes, so wearing clothes you don’t mind getting a little dirty might be a good idea, too.

While lying still in an air-conditioned operating facility, it can get quite chilly, so you should wear long-sleeved clothing, even during the summer. Though we do have blankets we can provide you with to be wrapped in, being wrapped up warmly from the very beginning is more comfortable.

Say Goodbye To Hair Loss

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