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What Not To Do Before A Hair Transplant?

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Keshilla para nje transplanti flokesh

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Hair transplants are growing in popularity each passing year, with medical tourism turning into the criterion for people looking to reach a natural-looking head full of hair without having to pay outrageous prices.

If you are thinking of undergoing a hair transplant in Albania, the thoughts of what to do prior to the transplantation are probably crossing your mind. We, at Advanced Hair Clinic, provide you with the optimum hair transplants, and what you do prior to a hair transplant is of utmost importance in making sure you heal optimally.

In this guide, you can learn about what NOT to do before having a hair transplant. By adhering to these guidelines, you will get the best results.

Vitamina per floket dhe shendetin

10 Days Prior To A Hair Transplant: Do Not Take Vitamins

Though you might be thinking that the intake of mineral supplements and vitamins will help you with hair transplant recovery, this is essentially untrue.

Multivitamins can interfere with the natural healing process, so they should be ceased at least 10 days before your hair transplant procedure. For instance, vitamins E and B, have the power to raise bleeding, which is not optimal in the event that your intention is to undergo a hair transplant surgery.

Konsumimi i duhani para nje transplanti flokesh

7 Days Prior To A Hair Transplant: Do Not Smoke

Discontinuing smoking is another thing that you should bear in mind prior to a hair transplant procedure. You should avoid smoking approximately 7 days prior to the surgery, seeing as smoking can adversely impact blood circulation, albeit slowing down the wound's healing process.

Since it is very hard to suddenly quit smoking, our advice would be to try and discontinue smoking a month prior to your procedure. Though not necessarily needed, it will help in the reduction of stress levels and cravings as you reach the procedure’s date.

7 Days Prior To A Hair Transplant: Do Not Take Blood Thinning Medications

Blood thinner like Aspirin should additionally be ceased a week prior to the hair transplant procedure. Blood thinners can have destructive effects, leading to exaggerated bleeding after the hair transplant procedure.

Furthermore, Aspirin has the potential to mess a little with the drug your hair transplant surgeon offers you, so making sure it stays away from your blood system prior to the surgery is fundamental.

Medikamentet qe duhen shmangur para nje transplanti flokesh

7 Days Prior To A Hair Transplant: Do Not Take Anti Inflammatory Medications

Identically to the way blood thinners can lead to an adverse impact, so can anti-inflammatory medications. These medications, including strong over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen, should be ceased a week prior to the hair transplant procedure.

By talking to one of our specialists at Advanced Hair Clinic, you will be offered a consultation, during which you will be given a list of all the prohibited anti-inflammatory medications you should avoid within this period.

Konsumimi i alkoolit para mbjelljes se flokeve

3 Days Prior To A Hair Transplant: Do Not Consume Alcohol & Drugs

Any drug or alcohol must be ceased at least 3 days prior to the procedure. It is quite critical to be strict with yourself in this regard. Taking into account alcohol being a diuretic, it means that it will lead to the body dehydrating.

Being dehydrated means your recovery period will get prolonged and the risks of possible discomfort and pain will increase. Moreover, alcohol can heighten blood pressure to a perilous degree, lowering nutrients and blood supply to your head, and impeding the healing process.

Drugs should also be dodged, so if you are experiencing a medical condition including thyroid problems, diabetes, hypertension, or cholesterol disorders, you should check with experts who can provide you with knowledgeable advice regarding what drugs you should be avoiding.

Contact Us Today For More Information On What Not To Do Before A Hair Transplant

For more information related to the actions to take prior to a hair transplant, reach us today at Advanced Hair Clinic and one of our devoted, skilled consultants will do everything they have in hand to help you before you have your hair transplant here in Tirana.

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